Disclaimer: We reserve the right to update our  shop, shipping and returns policies at any time. Thank you!

Special Note: All sales are final. Due to the antique, vintage, and secondhand nature of our items, there is no warranty provided with your purchase. Items are cleaned and inspected for quality and construction before listing and nothing is put in the shop that HHC feels will not continue to last the test of time if handled with appropriate care according to the nature of the item. Should something happen to your item once in your home and you would like help in trying to source a replacement, please contact us!

Do you not see your question answered below? Would  you like more details on an item or service, or have any further inquiries about the policies below? Shoot Heywood Home Company a message at [email protected] and allowing  at least one business day to respond to your message. 


Question: When do you release new products to the site?

Answer: New inventory is constantly being added to the site. New items or inventory drops will be usually be promoted through our Instagram @heywoodhomecompany. Please be sure to follow us there on Instagram and on Facebook to hear when new items have been added. Please note, if an item remains listed on the site (including those items from our 2020 Collections), it is still available.

Question: How old are the items that you sell?

Answer: Due to the nature of our items being secondhand,  we are not always privy to their specific ages and other details of provenance. Not all of the items we bring to you are antique or vintage either; many will be beautiful newer secondhand items. Regardless of actual age, we do strive to offer items that evoke a sense of heritage and heirloom quality. Should we happen to know any of the specifics of an  item’s origin, we will happily share the related information.

Question: Are all of your items antique, vintage, or secondhand?

Answer: The items in our shop are almost entirely antique or vintage; at the very least, they are secondhand procurements. In the occurrence of an item not being secondhand, it will be noted in the product listing. 

Question: Why sell thrifted and secondhand goods? 

Answer: There are so many reasons to shop thrifted and secondhand. At Heywood Home Company we want to help curate homes in a way that encourages slow design and mindful consumption. We want saved pieces, already full of their own stories, to find a spot in the place where you are writing your own…bringing new memories to old things, if you will!  Sourcing, purchasing, and connecting secondhand items to new homes helps combat the popular throwaway culture of our times and keeps these great pieces from ending up in the trash. We are aiming to create tomorrow’s heirloom out of yesterday’s treasure all in the effort of helping you  to curate your timeless, classic home.

Question: What is the condition of your antique, vintage, and secondhand items?

Answer: Because of the nature of our items being antique, vintage, and secondhand,  many may  come with their little character “flaws” which could include but are not limited to:  chips, dents, scratches, patchiness, wear, patina, oxidization, discoloration, and staining. Please inspect all photos and/or product notes to be advised of this before making a purchase as we try to capture these in photos if large or noteworthy. Otherwise, please keep in mind your item is likely going to generally show indication of age and wear due to previous use. Heywood Home Company will NOT offer ANY item that we would not keep ourselves. While items are cleaned before shipping, please be advised that you may also want to  clean/polish, dust up your item to your own standard.

Question: Do you have more than one of each item in stock?

Answer: This depends! Most items in our Shop are unique, one off listings. There are a few exceptions to this and where applicable, the quantity available for purchase will be noted on the product listing.

Question: My item appears differently in person than it did in the pictures on your site. Why?

Answer: We do our best to demonstrate our items to you in the most accurate and beautiful way possible. Because of factors such as lighting in our space and because everyone’s  viewing devices are different, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the colors represented or shown on your own device match the physical product. Please be advised that this therefore may lead to variations.  As always, please contact us before purchasing if you have anything that needs further description or clarification. 

Question: I am having a hard time finding a particular item, can you help source the item I am looking for?

Answer: Please reach out to [email protected] to ask about sourcing particular items. Your information can be collected and added to our list of items to keep an eye out for.

Question: I love my new treasure but would appreciate some styling tips. Do you offer styling advice?

Answer: While not the main line of our business at the moment, please reach out to [email protected] if you would like to organize a mini consultation for further suggestions and guidance on how you could style your new purchase in your home.

Question: Can I feature your products or images on social media? How about digital publications or print?

Answer: We would be honored, with appropriate credit given where credit is due of course. In practice, that means that if using an image from our social channels or website, you will tag us in each of the images as well as listing and tagging us as a credit in the caption/description; this applies to all social media platforms where our images and products are shared, such as Facebook and Pinterest. If you are looking to include our images in digital publications or in print, please send us a message. 


Question: When you list items on your social media, can I claim the product in the comments?

Answer: While this is a popular method of sale for many shops, commenting MINE or SOLD under images on our social channels will NOT claim the product. All sales are made exclusively through our website, not comments.

Question: Do I need to share my information or create an account to shop the items on your site?

Answer:  You do not need an online account to shop with Heywood Home Company. At checkout, you may opt to continue towards completing your purchase as a guest. However, opting to register for an account will increase the speed of your checkout process on future purchase experiences with Heywood Home Company. 

Question: If an item is in my cart, is the item considered to be reserved? What if I want to keep it on hold?

Answer: So glad you found something you love. You have to hurry through the checkout process though, as placing an item in your cart DOES NOT reserve the item for you. The item will go to the customer that completes the checkout first as multiple people may have the item in their cart at any one time. (This also applies for items where there is more than one available in stock.) 

Question: Do you only accept payment through your site or can I use Venmo, Zelle, or another money sending application etc.?  

Answer: Payments are only accepted through our website, or if you are shopping with us from our HHC Shop on Facebook, through Facebook’s e-commerce platform. Heywood Home Company will never solicit you for payment via another payment collecting method or through invoicing. Please contact us ASAP if someone has requested payment on our behalf outside of the site as we do not send invoices or request payment outside of our secure checkout experience.

Question: Where do you charge and collect sales tax for? 

Answer: Heywood Home Company charges sales tax in the state of Georgia. If this is your state of residence, sales tax will be calculated  at checkout before your completed purchase. If you completed your purchase through the HHC Shop of Facebook, Facebook is responsible for collecting sales tax on every purchase regardless of the state of your residence.

Question: How long does it take to process my order before it is shipped to me?

Answer:  We are looking forward to seeing you receive your item(s) from us as soon as possible. Orders are processed and shipped within 3 business days (not including Saturday/Sunday or public holidays)  unless otherwise notified. 

Question: I am purchasing something as a gift. Can you make it special?

Answer: We are so glad Heywood Home Company could offer you a treasure to gift. Please indicate the gift status at checkout or send a message to [email protected] with Your Name, Order Number, Recipient Name, and Your  Personal Message and we will include the message as a handwritten card with your item being mailed directly to the recipient. We do not offer gift wrapping at this time.

Question: Is purchasing from the Heywood Home Company site, secure?

Answer: Yes! All pages on our site, from the homepage to the checkout, are protected by SSL certification that ensures that any information you may provide like email addresses, credit card numbers, and shipping addresses are protected from hackers or information stealing impersonators. 


Question: How do you pack (fragile items, unusual shapes, etc.)?

Answer: While this is uncommon, we understand the stress as accidents can happen due to mishandling that is out of our control. At Heywood Home Company, we do not cut corners on wrapping and packing your item. After all, we want you to enjoy your item for years to come! Depending on your item, it will come with packing paper, and/or packing peanuts, bubble wrap, strong packing tape, and a sturdy box, usually recycled with care or a priority box from the USPS. We cannot promise damage- free shipping once it leaves our hands, however we do include  shipping insurance with your purchase.

Question: Who do you use for shipping and what box should I keep an eye out for in the post?

Answer: Thank you for your purchase! Heywood Home Company uses the United States Postal Service for all of our shipping needs. When looking for your purchase in the mail, you can expect to receive either a USPS-branded box, or a sturdy repurposed/reused Amazon or other box with a Heywood Home Company Logo Stamp by the address information. 

Question: What do I do if my item arrives damaged from shipping?

Answer: We are sorry to hear your item did not arrive safely and we want to help.. All items damaged in transit must be filed with USPS claims as they are shipped  insured at the expense of  Heywood Home Company so please contact [email protected]  so we can begin the claim and issue you your refund as soon as possible. In order to file a claim with the USPS,  we will need the following information from you in an email for verification before we  issue you a refund:

– Photos that clearly show the extent of damage.
– Photos of the packaging, if arrived visibly damaged.

 Important Note: Please hang onto the original packaging and the damaged item until your claim is settled. Do NOT reship the package. It is essential you keep the package so Heywood Home Company can get the photos we need to properly file the claim with the USPS. 

Question: What happens if my item is not delivered or says it was delivered and cannot be located?

Answer:  Check once, then check again. Sometimes mail gets left in a different spot, or with a neighbor or in the lobby of your building.  Once an item is reported as having been delivered, it is out of Heywood Home Company’s hands and any further issues will need to be pursued by you with the USPS if you are still unable to locate the item. Heywood Home Company is not responsible for stolen packages once packages are reported as delivered to the premises. Please contact your USPS branch to notify them that you cannot locate your “delivered” package  and then local police to determine next steps for package theft. Please also contact us here to update us on your situation and if we are able to offer any support.

Question: Do you ship internationally? (What about Canada?)

Answer: Thank you so much for your interest in what we are offering here at Heywood Home Company, however we do not currently ship internationally.

Question: I have more USPS shipping questions…

Answer: Please give their website a visit at for the most up-to-date, specific information on shipping with USPS. If you still have questions or concerns, please send us a message and we will try to help where we can. Thank you! 


Question: Do you currently offer returns or exchanges? What about refunds?

Answer: Please note, ALL SALES ARE  FINAL.We do not typically offer return or exchanges.  However, we do always want you to have the best shopping experience with Heywood Home Company. Please use our contact form to reach out with any questions or concerns about your order. Refunds offered on the basis of  proof of damage incurred to the item during transit.