Founded in 2020, Heywood Home Company is an E-Shop and premium online resource for antique, vintage, and handmade traditional decor, homewares, and gifts with a European flair. Items are all created, collected, or curated by Molly Heywood out of Marietta, Georgia.

HHC aims to help you gather and layer influences in your space to convey timeless style through thoughtful collecting and slow design. From Neo Classical knick knacks, colorful European collectibles, and fresh traditional patterns and textiles, Heywood Home Company is your one-stop-shop for curating a space that is uniquely you while utilizing pieces and styles influenced by the collectors, creators, and makers of the past.

In 2021, Heywood Home Company began to develop the handmade aspect of the business with a line of unique Candles and Soaps made entirely in-house. From the molds using authentic antiques or antique-inspired items down to the finished product, these items are all made in the HHC Studio and can be found in the Created Shop. These products are soon being offered wholesale to qualifying retailers.

Whether you identify as a traditionalist, maximalist, a collector, or anything in between, may you find that special something here with the help of Heywood Home Company.